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"necessity of establishing the “society jurisprudence
Monday, 29 April 2013 12:05

رسانه - مبلغي "Hujato al-Islam Mobaleqi talked about the necessity of establishing the “society jurisprudence

The head of Islamic Researching Center of Assembly said: “as long as we don’t evaluate the results of media dominance and the feedbacks and the subject of media, its approach to the  media will be extremely passive and unanswerable and even harmful.

Hujato al-Islam Ahmad e Mobaleqi counted “the Impacts on social structures”, “the issue of new expectations in the generations”, “developments affecting the relations of a person and society and boosting the individuality of a person and, at the same time, enlarging the concept and referents of society”, “creating a new topic” and “influencing on the new concepts-making literature” as the most important effects of media on the society.

He alluded to the study of media and then talked about the “jurisprudence, results and the consequences” and mentioned: “there are three kinds of imaginable matters in relation to jurisprudence, results and the consequences that are “the topical attention to the results and consequences”, “the introductory attention to the results and consequences” and “the purposive attention to the results and consequences.”  

He explained the “introductory attention to the results and consequences” and said: “in this attention, the effect is an independent matter by itself and has pointed the commanded jurisprudence to it whether considering its necessity or sanctity and what leads to that effect hasn’t certain originality, but because it leads to the effect, the Sharia has necessitated or banned it. 

In accordance with it, the head of Islamic researching center is desirous of establishing and initiating “the society jurisprudence” and mentioned: “we have a lot of jurisprudential-social supplements such as economic jurisprudence, cultural jurisprudence etc but we haven’t any society jurisprudence. The social jurisprudences are different from society jurisprudence and our society should be jurisprudentially surveyed as a matter along with its construction and aspects and factors.”  

He continued: “as long as the social jurisprudences (such as economic jurisprudence, cultural jurisprudence etc) don’t be reliant on the “society jurisprudence”, there will be a gap between them and also they will be involved in a kind of divagation.”

Hujato al-Islam Ahmad e Mobaleqi alluded to the verse of “ولقد جئتمونا فرادی” and said: “in the Day of Judgment, the mankind will be presented in a completely individualized way, while the biggest gathering of mankind will take place in the Day of Judgment, a gathering which is much larger than any Haman gatherings because all of human beings, from the Beginning to the End, will be gathered close to each other.”

He also mentioned: “the society jurisprudence functions as mother jurisprudences for these jurisprudential branches that creates a kind of connection and link among them and will give them a certain identity. But unfortunately such a jurisprudential branch hasn’t been established up to now.

He hinted to the insufficiency of the entrance of jurisprudence to the social issues and emphasized the necessity of an accurate sociological look along with this entrance and said: “that’s why we need the religious sociological studies before establishing the society jurisprudence, the studies which survey the factors, construction and social aspects that are based on religious doctrines and, of course, the sociological study has to be considered in this process.”









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