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The Session of surveying the bill of Ahzab (political parties) law
Tuesday, 12 March 2013 10:01

 تحقیقات مجلس

The session of surveying the bill of Ahzab (political parties) law, organizations and religious minorities of Islamic republic of Iran was held in the place of council commissions and internal affairs of country on 91/8/15 - November 5, 2012

In this session that was held with the attendance of Mr.  Zakani Tehran - the representative of the people of Tehran in the Islamic consultative assembly – Dr. Habib Nejad – the researching deputy of the Islamic researching center of the Islamic consultative assembly – and Dr. Faraty – the scientific cooperator of the Islamic researching center and the faculty of the culture and thought researching center, along with Dr. Jamal Zadeh – the administrator of the political studies office of assembly, Dr. Gohari Moqadam – the administrator of the domestic policy’s administration of the assembly Researching center and Mr. Amraee – the head of the ministry of the political parties department, some points were looked over such as the reports of the assembly researching center regarding the plan related to the circumstance of the organizations and political parties’ activity

Also it has been specified in this session that the assembly researching center is supposed to compose a reformed draft about the political parties with the help of Islamic researching center and the authorities of ministry and the Ministry of Intelligence, so that it would be examined in the special committee and then in the commission of councils and country's domestic affairs







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