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the first meeting of public laws committee was held in the Islamic researching center of assembly PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 12 March 2013 10:41


The first conference of the Public Laws committee was held with the attendance of Dr. Mohammad Hussein Mehr        Poor – the reverent head of Shaheed Beheshti law college - in the Islamic researching center of assembly in Qom on Wednesday, twenty seventh of Day - January 16, 2013


According to the report of the public relation of the Islamic researching center, this committee, including the professors of Howza (Seminary) and college who are adept in the field of Public Laws, is responsible to surveying the manner of interaction with the Islamic researching center of assembly regarding the areas concerning with public laws and law-making



At the first meeting of this committee, after the lecture of Dr. Mehrpour, each member of the committee began to express their own opinions and comments.


It is needed to be said that Islamic researching center of assembly is a researching institution depending on the Islamic consultative assembly on one hand and on the other hand it is operating in scientific Howza of Qom. The center researching activity focuses on the Islamic education and studies and seriously utilizing different specialties especially the knowledge of law and this activity is in harmony with the responsibility of religious scholars about “directing and managing the various dimensions of life according jurisprudence” and “Intellectual and cognitional support of Islamic Republic of Iran”.


This center is a active and intelligent intermediate between Howza and Islamic consultative assembly that on one hand is trying to saturate the approved laws of Islamic consultative assembly with cognitions of Jafari jurisprudence and on the other hand wants to be remain steadfast on the principles and fundamentals of Ejtehad In addition to considering the future affairs, enlightenment and moving on the scientific boundaries along with emphasis on ongoing Ejtehad and regarding the role of place and time in the deduction of Ahkam (jurisprudential orders) 

In addition to surveying the bills and plans of assembly to adjusting them with Islamic jurisprudence and educations, the center gives some scientific and practical suggestion to assembly along with regarding continuous recognition of harms and juridical needs existing in the field of legislation




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