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The speaker of Islamic consultative assembly attended in the Islamic researching Center PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 12 March 2013 11:15


Dr. Ali Larijani - The speaker of Islamic consultative assembly – attended at the Islamic center assembly of Qom on Thursday night. In addition to unveiling the book of jurisprudence and law, he also spoke at the juridical council meeting of the center.

According to the PR report of the Islamic researching center, in juridical council meeting, Dr. Ali Larijani talked about the expectations of assembly relating to the Islamic researching center, the necessity of the establishment of Islamic researching center and its role to create a connection between jurisprudence and legislation and the necessity of utilizing the capacity of Howza and Islamic jurisprudence on the subject of Islamic created system and law.   

In this meeting, Ayatollah Ahmad Moballeqi – the secretary general of the Islamic researching center – talked about some topics regarding the main philosophy of the establishment of the center’s juridical council, the achievements and performance of the Islamic researching center in past two years and its constructive engagement with centers of Howza and parliament’s commissions. 

According to this report, the juridical council of the Islamic researching center is composed of distinguished professors of Howza (the seminary of Qom).




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